Why shop with us?

  • We supply children's playgrounds and certified play units according to the ČSN EN 1176 Standard
  • Versatility and variability of multi-play units
  • Low prices, given the materials used
  • Low maintenance of our products
  • Play units are manufactured using the best quality materials and designed to ensure long life
  • We pay great attention to safety while designing the play units
  • Quality workmanship
  • Multi-play units with a lower platform of up to 1 m high don't require and expensive fall zone (rubber, gravel)

The advantages of the Bonita tower units

  • The advantage of our tower units marked as Universal is that the individual units (slides, steps, crawl tunnels, swings or 2-seat swings, nets, ladders, chain bridges, climbing walls, platforms, climbing ramps) can be combined and can therefore be customised.
    It is up to you what units you pick for your children's playground.
  • Tower units with a lower platform to 1 m have a great advantage as they don't need an expensive fall zone (gravel, rubber), all they need is grass.
  • Visit our photo gallery of play units for children's playgrounds, which is regularly updated.